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Isaac Lothrop Prouty Memorial Park was originally presented to the Town of Spencer in 1905 by the heirs of Isaac Lothrop Prouty himself following his unexpected passing. It was his daughter Emma and her Husband Myron A. Young, who announced that they would follow through with his plans to create a park for the Town of Spencer. Within two years, members of the G.A.R. Post started the process of erecting a monument, and on Patriots Day, 1911, the Soldiers' Monument that you see today was erected. Soldiers' Monument serves as a memorial to the 319 Spencer Men who served in the Civil War with their names listed on the sides. In 1939, thirteen memorial trees were also planted on the park grounds to remember the men who died in service during WWI. (Fiske 530-534) To Learn More about Isaac L. Prouty and the park that was created in his name, please visit our Park History section.


Visit this page to learn more about Isaac Lathrop Prouty and the origins of his Memorial Park, including the Soldiers' Monument erected on it's grounds and the 13 Memorial Trees planted.


We invite you to also visit some of the other Memorial Parks in the Spencer Area. These parks help us remember what our local service men and women have done for this country throughout it's history.

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*Fiske, Jeffrey H. "History of Spencer, Massachusetts 1857-1975". Spencer, MA: Harrington & Associates, Print Management, Copyright 1990 by the Spencer Historical Commission.

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