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Spencer Military Community Events

Isaac L. Prouty Memorial Park and the many different Memorial Parks in the area play host to numerous community events that both celebrate and memorialize the Spencer Military Community. Below are descriptions for some of the events that have taken place as well as pictures. Please note that many of these events take place annually and are typically open to the public.

Memorial Day Ceremony(2016)

Every year on Memorial Day, the American Legion Gaudette Kirk-Post 138 holds services to help us remember and honor those who lost their lives fighting for our nation. This ceremony is a time for us to recognize our honored dead from WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The ceremonies typically open with a prayer and a reading of the Gettysburg Address. Marching Bands are typically also present to perform song selections and guest speakers are brought to the podium. There is also a POW/MIA ceremony and distribution of wreaths and flowers.


Memorial Day Ceremony(2017)
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